Starbucks video nails global branding

“Meet me at Starbucks.”

I’d place money on the bet that no restaurant, coffee shop, or bar is used as a gathering place as frequently as Starbucks. Business meetings, first dates, reunions with long lost friends, catching up with neighbors while the kids play nearby, passing time between appointments… the list of why people meet at Starbucks is never ending.

Today, Starbucks unveiled its first global branding initiative with a short film titled, “Meet me at Starbucks.” The five minute video  was “culled from 220 hours of footage filmed in a single 24-hour period in 59 Starbucks stores in 28 countries by 39 local filmmakers and 10 local photographers (Source: AdWeek) and simply features people meeting at Starbucks. There are couples holding hands and kissing, clients listening to business proposals, women talking about their shared loved of scrapbooking. There are fits of laughter, eyes brimming with tears, and tons of smiles. There is happiness, there is warmth. There is Starbucks.

What I love so much about this film is not just the adaptation of new media and utilizing a film over a commercial it’s that it never once talks about Starbucks as product or even as a brand, it simply shows the feelings one feels when they enter a Starbucks. Location doesn’t matter, the product in the cup doesn’t matter. People choose Starbucks because of the way they feel when they enter the doors. The company does a great job in producing a marketing piece that’s not about the company, but is truly about the customer.