4 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Presence

So, you launched your social media presence and now you’re waiting for business inquiries to come in. That should happen just about any day now, right?

Unfortunately social media is not a “build and they will come” tactic. While it is an important piece of your marketing strategy it’s not one that you can simply check off the list and move onto something new. For your social media strategy to be effective (ie. to reach your goals of improving inquiries, sales, or business) you must remain involved.

Here are some tips to improve your social media game:

Welcome your guests inside. Many people compare social media to the living room of your home. It’s where you kick of your shoes and relax with your guests. It’s where you let your guard down and start a conversation. Be welcoming, create a conversation, be interesting. Raise important issues. Have an opinion and share it responsibly.

Do not over promote. Yes, you set up a Facebook page in order to market your business. But if that’s all you do, you will bore your followers. Provide some value. Perhaps you’ll give them a 12 hour head start on sales, or provide useful tips and suggestions. Also, provide entertainment in the way of photos, video, or infographics. No only is this content more interesting, it’s also more frequently shared.

Be responsive. If someone asks a question, answer it. If they complain, address it. If they rave about your business, thank them. In fact, have a strategy in place so that you’re notified of comments immediately. 42% of users expect a reply in less than an hour. If you only check in once a day, you could be missing valuable opportunities

Better yet, be engaged. Find your audience and talk with them. Maybe they’re in a LinkedIn discussion group or a Facebook group. On Twitter, jump into conversations when you have an opinion to share.  Show them that you care not only about winning their business, but about developing a relationship.

Social media is not about shouting messages to your clients and customers. Instead it’s an avenue to develop lasting relationships by providing relevant and engaging content.

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