Emerging media for employees

While much of the buzz around emerging media is focused on how companies can better communicate and engage with their clients, the role of internal communications can also be assisted with strong social and emerging media tactics.

Employee engagement can mean a number of different things depending on the organization. For small companies, engagement is about making sure that all employees are playing together nicely, sharing ideas, and stopping by to say “hello” – it can be managed with an open communication policy and simple face to face interactions. However, in large companies – those with hundreds or thousands of employees or those that are spread across the world, communication becomes more formal and engagement becomes much more complex.

I don’t have to list the benefits of employee engagement. We all know that teams that are engaged are not only more productive, but just plain happier to be around. Companies with highly engaged team members have higher retention rates, less money spent on recruiting and onboarding and greater profitability. We know the benefits and many companies even go through survey processes every year to find out what their particular engagement number is.

But how do we move the needle?

Platforms such as intranets and social media are certainly helping. Emailed communications allow companies to distribute timely information to all employees at the same moment. Some companies are even using blogs, web chats and video conferencing to keep employees informed and to solicit feedback through two-way communications.

Nokia BlogHubNokia has recently been touted for their BlogHub – an internal communication system that allows employees to create their own community. Like many initiatives when employees become part of the process their voices are better represented, the engagement is better, and the results are more effective.

Using social media to engage with employees has great benefits that can help improve employee engagement. It can help employees learn more about what’s happening in other parts of the organization, it gives them a forum in which to provide feedback or ask questions, and it can help improve relationships and collaboration from people in various offices.

Does your organization have a role for internal communications? If so, does social media play into that role?


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