Tell your story

You’ve got one somewhere. The story, the skill, the approach that makes you different from your competitor down the street. If you do everything the same as the next company, your clients have no reason to come back to you. Why do they choose you? What is your passion? How are you different?

That’s your story.

Humans of New York creator, Brandon Standon has spent the last four years photographing people in New York City and sharing their story on his blog and Facebook page. If you’re not familiar with the site or the famous Facebook page, typically a photo is accompanied with a single quote or snippet of conversation from that person. Recently he shared a video where he explained his approach to getting people who are complete strangers to open up. How he makes them comfortable enough to be vulnerable. Standon explains that his approach is to start broad, with a question and then follow up question after question until he finds one thing that makes them unique. In the video he says, “the thing that makes us different is almost always a story. It’s not a philosophy or an opinion. We all share similar philosophies and we all share similar opinions.  Our stories are our own.”

Why are you here? Why should your clients trust you? What’s your story?

That’s your message. Let’s write it.

Speak Your Mind